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Our new CD!

Hi all! 

Our new CD "Agua e vinho" is out now! You can stream, download and buy a physical copy at:


The CD is a compilation of recordings we have made the past 8 years, including a recording done this year of "4 pieces for 2 guitars" by Anders Koppel. He exclaimed after hearing our version:

"Congratulations to Allan Sjølin and Martin Buono (Copenhagen Guitar Duo): you have made an excellent recording of my 4 Pieces for 2 Guitars on your new CD Aqua e Vino. Thank you so much!"

So please don't hesitate to check it out! Have a nice summer!

Rocking on

Hi all, 

we are busy playing concerts, arranging, composing and so on and would love to see you all for our concerts. Our "concerts" page is broken, so it's better to stay tuned for now to our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/copenhagenguitarduo/) - we hope to see you some more this year. Check out our Youtube Channel as well (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1PgMAynmi-h8uwghC5wvGw/featured). Thanks, see you! - CGD

UK debut

It has been a while! We are not the most frequent website-maintainers in the world, but we are still alive!

Recently, we played at the Dillington Guitar Festival in West Britain for our UK debut and we had a blast! We played our concert program of Scarlatti, Reich and Koppel and also premiered our newly composed "Suite Copenhagen", consisting of four pieces, each dedicated to a certain part of Copenhagen. We look forward to record and shoot videos of this in the fall.

We are gearing up to play concerts all around Denmark in our collaboration with percussionist Matias Seibæk and we are looking forward to new projects in the spring as well. 

See you around!

-Copenhagen Guitar Duo

New sounds

Hi everybody! After a great year after our debut concert and some wonderful concerts afterwards, we are now developing and expanding our sonic palette. We are going into absolute workmode the next few months to create a new fresh style and new compositions with an offset in our classical background mixed with guitar loops and pedals. You will definitely hear more from us in that regard.

In the meantime, please enjoy our latest live video - Sonate K531 by D. Scarlatti - recorded in Liechtenstein 2016. Have a good one!


We are now preparing our debut concert after a great spring and concerts in USA and China. Our debut is the 25th of November, 19.30 in the Concerthall at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. We play with artists Bjarke Mogensen, Oliver Nordahl, Maj Kullberg, Alexander Øllgaard and Gu Shengying in a diverse and eclectic program. We hope to see many of you there! 

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